Top 5 Reasons Why Fall RVing/Motorhoming is the Best Idea

Top 5 Reasons Why Fall RVing/Motorhoming is the Best Idea


Usually, they say summer is the best season for camping and RVing. Now that summer is over and fall is here, most campers are putting away their RV’s for next year. Whipping out their leaf blower and comfy flannel sheets, they’d rather be ready to get down and cozy up. But there are still some who’d prefer to hit the road now. “Why?” You might ask. Because when it comes to RVing, fall has many advantages over summer. Here are a few reasons why RVing in the fall is a good idea.  Speaking of RV’s and Motorhomes, Good Sam ESP is a terrific resource for all things traveling safely with your RV and motorhome.

1.   The Stunning Colors

The fall foliage will always be an amazing sight to see and will surely make you smile. There are tracking sites online to remind you when the days of foliage will likely be most colorful, so find the right dates and the right spots, and you’ll be good to go. Spending more time when you’re not on a tight schedule to watch the green unfold to brown is quite a sight to see.

2.   No Bugs

You read that right. There are less bugs. Flies and mosquitoes are the bane of some people’s existence during summer camping trips. During the fall, insects have gotten quite tired and are on a mini-siesta for a while. You can definitely enjoy more activities and relax and unwind without bugs attacking you every once in a while.

3.   Perfect weather

It’s not just the breathtaking scenery during autumn that campers will love, but the weather is perfect as well. Outdoorsy people may be used to the heat and humidity during the summer heat, but for some it would be pretty hellish having to hike when it’s hot and humid. Ironic as it may seem, but the biggest storms could potentially arrive during the summer as well. This could spoil your camping experience and you wouldn’t want to risk that, right?

4.   Fewer crowds

It is expected that popular camping areas will be crowded during peak camping season, that is, during the summertime. Not only will it be more peaceful and quieter without the crowd, but RVing in the fall will also result in things sold at cheaper prices and give you a place to truly relax and unwind. Plus, you could choose a spot to park or find open campgrounds to see the most beautiful scenery right as you open your door.

5.   Better Hiking Experience

If you haven’t tried hiking during autumn, you are surely missing out. It’s not just the cooler hiking temperatures that don’t leave you as hot and sweaty as you climb to the top of the trails, but you’ll also be welcomed by trails that make up such warm-colored foliage. Walking through these trails with fewer people compared to the spring and summer is an added bonus that can’t be beat.


Bonus: What to Bring?

It’s best to come prepared with autumn camping gear, equipment, and clothes. A couple of long-sleeved shirts, warm fuzzy socks, extra blankets, and lightweight jackets can get you a long way to help your fall camping journey be the most comfortable. Proper layering of clothes can keep you warm outdoors while huddled around a campfire and cooking s’mores.


It’s always good to come prepared, so bring sunscreen as the sun does shine during autumn. It might be smart to pack a little bottle of insect repellent because some bugs can still be hardheaded. Breathtaking foliage, fewer crowds, and the cooler weather make fall a great season for RVing. It’s not anyone’s first choice, but prepare your RV, travel as soon as the season changes, and be amazed at the beauty which is autumn.


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