5 Rock Climbing Tips for Beginners

Rock climbing is a popular and common adventure sport which is available in outdoor as well as indoor terrains. From kids to adults, everyone is getting interested in climbing workouts more than ever. Climbing is one of the thrilling hobbies than you can take. It offers the fearing adventure of heights and a hassle of too many safety measures. If you are planning to take rock climbing as a hobby, then here are the tips that can help you in the beginning.

Use your feet

While upper body strength is necessary for rock climbing, the professional climbers use their whole body whenever it is possible to minimize the strain in the body. Using the legs is as important as using the hands to make the climbing experience much easier. Getting a good grip at the feet can make a difference in the overall climbing performance. When you are climbing, think of the places where you can keep your feet at, so that you can give your hands a little rest whenever you want. Always keep your route safe for coming back and remember where you need to place your steps.

Do not be afraid to fall

The biggest fear of people when they climb the rock for the first time is the fear of falling. It stops most of the people to come to attempt rock climbing. Even with the harness, people try to grab anything they can when they slip and fall. People should trust the harness for once and enjoy the fall when they slip. Surely, grabbing the first thing will help in improving the grip, but giving the harness a try some times will remove the fear completely from you.

Keep trying

The indoor climbing courses are made for beginners as well as the pros. Some courses can be really difficult. Once you are done with the easy ones, try to improve with harder courses. Never settle for a course and never give up if you are failing to climb a course completely. Rock climbing requires you to push your limit every time to complete a course. Many professional climbers work on the create their routes on the courses which they find difficult to finish. Before completing a course successfully, they do not move to a new course.

Have a trusted belayer

The belayer is the person who helps you in climbing the rocks from the other side. Choose a belayer that you can trust. He or she should always be focusing on you instead of being busy on their phones. Get someone who has a closer weight to you as it will make belaying easy for that person.

Take expert advice

At last, take the right advice from the professional that you can find around the climbing course. You can even talk to the ones whom you already know, and ask them for any tips that they can provide you.

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